Sushi and Sashimi Combos

Assorted Sashimi (10)(GF) – 24.95

Tuna Sashimi& (8)(GF) – 23.95

Salmon Sashimi (8)(GF) – 23.95

Hamachi Sashimi (6)(GF) – 23.95

Toro Sashimi (6)(GF) – 23.95

Chirashi Don (GF) – 24.95

9 pieces of assorted sashimi served in a bowl of sushi rice

Tekka Don (GF) – 24.95

8 pieces of tuna sashimi served in a bowl of sushi rice

Assorted Sushi – 22.50

California roll with 4 pieces of sushi, miso soup included

Ginza Nigiri Sushi Deluxe – 38.95

California roll with 8 pieces of sushi, soup and salad included

Ginza Maki Sushi Deluxe – 27.95

Tuna roll, California roll and 1/2 outsider roll, soup and salad included

Ginza Sushi & Sashimi Deluxe – 41.95

Special selection from our sushi bar, soup and salad included

Ginza Boat Deluxe – 80.95

Sushi and sashimi for two people, soup and salad included

Aburi Sushi

Ebi – 3.50

Seared shrimp with signature Ginza dressing

Salmon – 3.50

Seared salmon with gomaae dressing and shichimi spice

Spicy Salmon – 3.50

Seared salmon with spicy mayo

Ika – 3.50

Seared squid with sweet soy sauce

Aburi Sampler Platter (8) – 28.00

Eight pieces of assorted seared sushi  

Featured Rolls

each contemparary rolls is prepared with a featured sauce no additional wasabi,ginger or soy sauce required

BBQ Scallop Roll(8)-14.50

tuna and cucumber wrapped with barbequed scallop drizzled with unagi sauce

Caterpillar Roll(8)-15.50

smoked salmon,Green onion and mayo wrapped with avocado, ocean seaweed and tobiko drizzled with sweet soy

Cowboy Roll(8)-15.50

tempura style cooked beef wrapped with avocado and sesame seeds with flames sauce

Crispy Roll(6)-7.95

lightly deep fried maki choice of: california roll spicy salmon roll spicy tuna roll

Dragon Roll(8)-17.00

tempura shrimp, mayo and tobiko wrapped with unagi, avocado and sesame seeds with unagi sauce

Firecracker Roll-11.50

tempura shrimp, avocado,and masago drizzled with special mayo and tobiko

Flames Roll(8)-15.95

tempura shrimp, avocado, and mayo wrapped with salmon and tuna topped with garlic chips,green onion, sesame seeds and flames sauce

Chinook Roll(8)-17.00

Shrimp tempura, a()vocado and cucumber topped with seared spicy chopped scallop masago and jalapeno slice drizzled with flames sauce

Kamikaze Roll(8)-13.50

scallop special, tempura flakes and tobiko wrapped with tuna drizzled with spicy mayo

Sashimi Roll(8)-14.50

salmon, tuna and ebi, wrapped with seaweed lightly deep fried served with teriyaki sauce and tobiko

Special Yam Roll(8)-12.50

tempura style yam, mayo and avocado topped with garlic chips, green onion and sesame seeds with flames sauce

Spicy Calamari Roll(8)-12.00

calamari and lettuce topped with tobiko, drizzled with special mayo and hot sauce

Tiger Eye(6)-14.50

smoked salmon,tuna,kani salade,green onion,roe, lightly deep fried, drizzled with sweet soy

Salmon Battera Roll(6)-13.95

oshi box press style.kani salad and avocado with seared salmon and jalapeno slices on top drizzled with spicy mayo and unagi sauce

Hana Roll(8)-15.95

salmon, avocado and mango with smoked salmon and coconut powder on top drizzled with mango sauce

Bonsai Roll(8)-12.50

Cucumber, carrot, lettuce and oshinko. Wrapped with avocado and inari. Drizzled with flames sauce.

Sakura Roll(8)-17.00

Spicy tuna and tempura flakes & wrapped with seared salmon belly. Drizzled with unagi sauce and sweet soy. Topped with thinly sliced lemons and bonito flakes.

Spider Roll(8)-17.95

Tempura shrimp cucumber and mayo topped with fried soft shell crab. Unagi sauce special mayo and tobiko.

** Brown Sushi Rice Available**

Vegetarian Item (V)

Gluten-free Item (GF)