Featured Rolls

Each contemporary roll is prepared with a featured sauce no additional wasabi, ginger or soy sauce required.

BBQ Scallop Roll (8) 13.50

Tuna and cucumber wrapped with BBQ scallop drizzled with unagi sauce.

Caterpillar Roll (8) 14.00

Smoked salmon, green onion and mayo wrapped with avocado, ocean seaweed and tobiko drizzled with sweet soy.

Cowboy Roll (8) 15.00

Tempura style cooked beef wrapped with avocado drizzled with flames sauce, sesame seed and green onion.

Cowgirl Roll (8) 10.00

Vegetarian. Tempura style harusame noodles, carrots and onion wrapped with avocado, drizzled with flame sauce, sesame seed and green onion.

Crispy Roll (6) 7.50

Lightly deep fried roll. CHOICE OF CRISPY ROLL California Roll/ Spicy Salmon Roll/ Spicy Tuna Roll

Dragon Roll (8) 16.50

Tempura shrimp, mayo and tobiko wrapped with unagi, avocado, and sesame seeds drizzled with unagi sauce.

Firecracker Roll (8) 9.50

Tempura shrimp, avocado and masago drizzled with special mayo and tobiko.

Flames Roll (8) 15.00

Tempura shrimp, masago and mayo wrapped with salmon and tuna topped with garlic chips, green onion, sesame seeds and flame sauce.

Kamikaze Roll (8) 11.50

Scallop special, tempura flakes and tobiko wrapped with tuna drizzled with spicy mayo.

Mt. Fuji Roll (8) 13.50

Tuna and avocado wrapped with yam tempura and tobiko drizzled with spicy mayo.

Sashimi Roll (8) 13.50

Salmon, tuna and ebi wrapped with seaweed lightly deep fried served with teriyaki sauce.

Special Yam Roll (8) 11.00

Vegetarian. Tempura style yam, mayo and avocado, topped with garlic chips, green onion, sesame seed and flames sauce.

Spicy Calamari Roll (8) 10.50

Calamari and lettuce topped with tobiko, drizzled with special mayo and hot sauce.

Teriyaki Chicken Roll (5) 7.50

Tempura style chicken and lettuce served with teriyaki sauce.

Tiger Eye Roll (6) 13.50

Smoked salmon, tuna crabstick, green onion lightly deep fried drizzled with sweet soy sauce, tobiko and special mayo.

Tropical Paradise Roll (8) 15.50

Kani salad, avocado and mayo wrapped with tobiko, mango and Ahi tuna drizzled with mango sauce.

Sushi and Sashimi Combos

Assorted Sashimi (10)(GF) – 19.95

Tuna Sashimi (8)(GF) – 18.95

Salmon Sashimi (8)(GF) – 18.95

Hamachi Sashimi (6)(GF) – 21.95

Toro Sashimi (6)(GF) – 21.95

Chirashi Don (GF) – 19.95

9 pieces of assorted sashimi served in a bowl of sushi rice

Tekka Don (GF) – 19.95

8 pieces of tuna sashimi served in a bowl of sushi rice

Assorted Sushi – 15.50

California roll with 4 pieces of sushi, miso soup included

Ginza Nigiri Sushi Deluxe – 28.95

California roll with 8 pieces of sushi, soup and salad included

Ginza Maki Sushi Deluxe – 19.95

Tuna roll, California roll and 1/2 outsider roll, soup and salad included

Ginza Sushi & Sashimi Deluxe – 33.95

Special selection from our sushi bar, soup and salad included

Ginza Boat Deluxe – 64.95

Sushi and sashimi for two people, soup and salad included

Aburi Sushi

Ebi – 2.75 Seared shrimp with signature Ginza dressing

Salmon – 2.75 Seared salmon with gomaae dressing and shichimi spice

Spicy Salmon – 2.75 Seared salmon with spicy mayo

Ika – 2.75 Seared squid with sweet soy sauce

Aburi Sampler Platter (8) – 17.95 Eight pieces of assorted seared sushi  

** Brown Sushi Rice Available**

Vegetarian Item (V)

Gluten-free Item (GF)